Dr. Scott & Christi Berman

“Merrill Niles treats a home like we treat a surgical patient, with extreme care and extensive attention to detail. His commitment to customer satisfaction is unmatched. In a field where the client has access to a broad spectrum of choices in who they choose to build their home, Merrill Niles stands out.”

Karen Wentzel & Gilbert Soto

“We chose Merrill Niles initially as he was the only one able to meet our price expectations. As work proceeded on our new home, we were extremely impressed that Merrill not only had been willing and able to meet our budget, he treated us and our $160,000 home as if it were costing $1,000,000 or more. Since we moved in, he has kept in touch regularly.”

Carol & Jerry Neurauter

“Merrill Niles is the best builder in the Tucson area. He is extremely professional, willing to please, and follows through successfully on everything he endeavors to do. He is extremely critical of quality standards and won’t take second best for anything. Merrill makes wonderful suggestions and is easy to work with. We have nothing but praise for him.”

Wanda & Kenneth Petty

“Merrill allowed us total control over the homebuilding process. He was completely flexible in terms of changes as construction proceeded, something that other builders were not necessarily prepared to do. We had full access to the site all the time, and the resulting new home, which was of our own design, was finished in a timely manner. We feel that we received excellent value for the price we paid.”

Don & Mary Garner

“This was our first custom home, and Mary and I have been extremely pleased with the results. Merrill has been very proactive, offering numerous elevation, design and floor plan ideas, involving Contemporary, Southwest and Mediterranean themes. He has pointed out many things that have augmented the aesthetics of the home, as well as increasing the monetary value; all done while doing his level-best to work within the specified budget. This has been a very positive experience for us.”